Two Buildings



(headphones required for 3D effect)

Two Buildings, 2015
3D binaural audio

(3D efekti için kulaklıkla dinleyiniz)

Iki Bina, 2015
3D binaural ses

“Güleryüz has lived in the Netherlands, the US, Germany and England, and she now has homes in İstanbul and Los Angeles. The many languages that have surrounded her have produced a special artistic focus, regardless of the medium: words. The only non-visual element in her exhibit at Rampa is a surround-sound binaural recording titled, “There Were Two Buildings They Destroyed One and Rebuilt the Other.” It features several people repeating the same sentence. Within the space of two minutes, its meaning begins to morph depending on the sounds of the vocals, the nuances and the slight changes to the wording.”

— Alexandra Ivanoff