The Bus in LA LA Land

The Bus in LA LA Land, 2008

“Hatice Guleryuz’s La La Land is a ten-minute digital video of people inside and around public transit buses in Los Angeles.
Being a vast metropolis with a public transportation system crippled by the dawn of the auto industry, Los Angeles is a city where most people get around in their cars. Here, Guleryuz captures the real, raw and eccentric world of those in Hollywood who either can’t afford a car, are too young, too old or too sick to drive a car or simply don’t want to drive one.
The work is ominous, eerie, awkward. At the same time it symbolizes LA in all its complex and contrasting features.
The alienation on and around the buses is palpable; the microcosm of a bus in LA becomes stark, confrontational and symptomatic of something much larger.

Some people hold the camera’s extended gaze, while some are seemingly unaware of Guleryuz and her camera. The artist has interviewed some of the bus riders; some perform for the camera while others pick this as an opportunity to add their two cents about Los Angeles.”

— Merve Unsal