Fast Forward

Fast Forward, 2010

“Güleryüz explores anthropocentrism and the impact this has on the world and its inhabitants. Reminiscent of Su Friedrich’s and Jonas Mekas’s earlier work, the bluntness of the filmic qualities of montage accentuate the artist’s medium. Her self-aware usage of film thus becomes a figure, a protagonist in the work, underlining her awareness of time, perception and image.”

— Merve Unsal




“12-minute video “Fast Forward” from 2010, in which 10 people, some of whom are known Hollywood performers, individually talk to the camera about human and animal rights. One wordless sequence was a riveting performance by a woman vocalizing the sounds of a distressed baby and toddler, as if to emphasize the urgent vulnerability of all creatures who cannot speak for themselves. “When we talk about human rights, we have to include other species,” Güleryüz explains.”

— Alexandra Ivanoff